Sleep & Alarm Clock with Music

It is an alarm clock with features such as "Imported/Recorded sound & YouTube video can also be used for alarm sound", "Combination notification", "Abundant ways to stop alarms such as mini-games and calculations", "Pedometer(for prevent sleeping again)", "Snooze time change possible", "The specified date and time is possible", "Random selection of alarm sound is possible", "Repeat on day of week (exclusion date can be set)". Also, it also has a sleep timer that can play music or YouTube video and environmental sounds with relaxing effect (clock sound, birds singing, white noise, pink noise, etc.). You can also sleep while playing videos with healing effects. Please be assured that the sleep timer works in conjunction with the alarm. In addition, it has a simple timer that can set a favorite song or video as a sound, and a stopwatch that can measure in 0.01 second units.
This app I want you to use by anyone who has overslept, who did not notice the alarm with iPhone default clock app.

■ Functions for a comfortable morning
・ YouTube video
Just select your favorite video from YouTube and you can play YouTube video at alarm. If the video cannot be played, such as during flight mode, the normal alarm sounds.

・ Import from other applications
You can import audio from music library, file application, Dropbox, GoogleDrive, etc. You can import from the share button of each app. It takes a bit of work, but you can also import from videos you have shot or videos downloaded with Clipbox, and use the audio of the video as an alarm sound. It is also possible to trim after importing and use only the favorite part of the song as an alarm.
(May not be possible depending on the file format)

・ Recorded voice can be used for alarm sound
There is a voice recorder function, you can use the sound recorded with the microphone as the alarm sound. It may be effective to record what you should not forget with a voice memo, or have your lover or boss record a wake-up voice.

・ Random song selection
If you select multiple alarm sounds, songs will be selected at random. You will not get used to the same alarm sound. Also, if you set it to silent (silent), you will be notified only by vibration without sound.

・ Reliable during trains and meetings
The alarm does not sound from the main unit if the earphone is attached. You can also set the alarm sound to silent.

■ Function to prevent oversleeping and sleeping twice
・ A variety of ways to stop alarms
Mini game, solve simple math problems, enter specified codes, shake, etc. Simple usage by pressing the stop button is also possible. You can also set the method randomly.

・ Cannot be stopped with the home button
Many alarm clock apps can be easily canceled with the home button or volume button, but the app will continue to ring until you wake up.

・ Pedometer to prevent double sleep
If you do not detect walking after stopping the alarm, the alarm will be added automatically.

・ Combination notification
When the scheduled time of the alarm elapses the specified number of seconds, the system notification is repeated in the form of overlapping the alarm sound.

■ Schedule and repeat function
・ Date specification
It can be set not only on the same day or the next day, but also on a specified date and time. You can set a title and memo, so you can use it as a reminder.

・ Holiday, exclusion day function
Supports not only weekdays and weekends but also holidays. (Acquire holiday information from Google Calendar at startup)
You can also set it not to ring on a specific day after repeating, or not to ring on holidays. Holidays are currently only available in the United States and Japan.

・ Multiple settings possible
You can set multiple alarms, and set the on / off, label, alarm sound, snooze, repeat, and stop method for each. Snooze can be selected from 1 to 10 minutes, 30 minutes and 60 minutes as well as enabled / disabled.

If you can not access, go to the following URL.